Jamie Notter and Maddie GrantJamie Notter and Maddie Grant have been collaborating on the intersection of social media and leadership. Maddie is a well-known blogger and partner in a successful social media consulting firm and Jamie has been consulting to organizations on issues of leadership, conflict, and strategy for ten years. In 2009 they started to work together on the idea of the “social organization,” acknowledging that social media wasn’t just changing marketing and communications. It was challenging some of the tried and true principles of organizational leadership and management.

In 2011 their collaboration came together in this book.

They each continue the work they’ve been doing in their respective consulting practices, but more and more of their time is now devoted to working with organizations who recognize that the disruption of social media is actually a leading indicator of a much broader challenge facing organizations that requires new leadership.

And they are both writers at heart. Jamie blogs at www.getmejamienotter.com and Maddie blogs at www.socialfish.org.

Humanize Answers The Hard Questions:

  • Why are organizations so disrupted by social media?
  • Why is a human organization more powerful than a traditional mechanical one?
  • What does a human organization look like?
  • What are the short- and long-term benefits to humanizing your organization?
  • Do you have to be the CEO to start making these changes in your organization?